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Critical needs for our residents

One way we fulfill our mission of bridge building is by creating cultural exchange between ethnic groups across racial lines. Critical housing and infrastructure repairs with our residents is primarily how we create these relationships.

Your organization or church can fund a crucial need for a resident while having the opportunity to establish a long-term relationship on the block by hosting a Personalized Project Day.

Read below about some examples of neighborhood needs you could be working with. Each Project Day is planned with your team, abilities and interests in mind.

Fill out an application below to fund and host your own Personalized Project Day for one of our neighbors.

Ka’Ron (56)

Ka’Ron is a 56 year old homeowner with one child. She suffers disabling health issues after a traumatic car accident in 2017, and since separating from her husband in early 2020, this has left her the sole financial support of the family.

“I heard about Bridge Builders through a neighbor and attended one meeting, talked with a few staff members and applied to see if by God’s grace, I would be eligible to participate”

She is eager to help in any way she can, especially with providing food and water for the volunteers.

Life would be more tolerable if we could fulfill the following needs for her:

  • Install fence
  • Fix porch
  • Painting
  • Siding

Alex (27)

Alex is a single 27 year old homeowner who has fallen in financial difficulties making it challenging for him to stay afloat. With the loss of his homeowners insurance, he cannot make the repairs his home desperately needs.

“I will be grateful for any help that you guys are willing to give. Thank you!”

 Life would be more tolerable if we could fulfill the following needs for him:

  • Repair the roof
  • Fix doors in house and garage
  • Repair fencing
  • Repaint
  • Repair porch
  • Improve landscaping
  • Repair drywall
  • Fix stairs
  • Install hand rails

Rebecca (35)

Rebecca is a 35 year old single homeowner and is writing on behalf of her ailing parents. With financial hardship and health disabilities, the couple find it difficult to keep up with home repairs. 

“They have never asked for much from life. But they have invested their whole lives into my family despite many hardships and obstacles. My heart breaks every night as I lie down to go to sleep and pray that God would withhold the rain so that their roof would not fall in…”

“I love my parents and I wouldn’t be reaching out to you if I didn’t truly believe in my heart that you might be able to help.”

Life would be more tolerable if we could fulfill the following needs for them:

  • Repair the roof
  • Repair the porch
  • Fix the stairs
  • Improve the plumbing

Laura (62)

Laura is a 62 year old Milwaukee homeowner who has been working full-time and caring for her husband who suffered a traumatic brain injury 5 years ago. He is in a wheelchair but her home is not wheelchair accessible. Now that she is the sole income provider in her home, she has not been able to afford any renovation costs.

Life would be more tolerable if we could fulfill the following needs for her:

  • Build a wheelchair ramp
  • Renovate bath to make it more accessible

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