Reclaim. Renovate. Re-invest.

Since 2005, the city holdings of suburban Milwaukee landlords have grown 70%. Out-of-state landlords own more than $580 million of residential housing.

In what the Journal-Sentinel calls a “massive wealth transfer” those dollars leave our neighborhoods, never to return.


Half of Milwaukee homes are owned by non-residents

Milwaukee has the highest segregation rate of any U.S. city


Only 7% of homes in metro Milwaukee are owned by African-Americans

Imagine more

What if more neighborhoods had local stewardship? What if more homes were reclaimed for Milwaukee residents?

  • More homeowners will build equity and generational wealth
  • More dollars will stay local
  • More neighbors will connect with each other
  • Long term stability of our blocks will be put back into the hands of the community

Absentee landlords destabilize our community. With our neighbors we have successfuly gotten drug dealers and traffickers evicted from the block, only to see them return in another absentee-owned property.

Help us raise $1.9 million to purchase and remodel 20 homes in our target area.

Together we can steward reclaimed properties to create safe, affordable housing and work with residents to increase home ownership.

Adopt a Home

Your church or organization can
purchase a home in our target area


Match for Purchase

You can partner with another group
to pay for part of a home purchase


Total Renovation

Sponsor the renovation of an
entire home – from roof to basement


Sponsor a Roof

Sponsor a complete roof teardown
and rebuild


Sponsor a Kitchen

From cabinets to appliances, help
provide a new kitchen for one family


Sponsor a Bathroom

Sponsor the cost of labor and
materials for a new bathroom



Replace the siding on
one home



Upgrade the electrical
for one family



Provide a new furnace and
central air for one family



Whole house flooring,
carpet, tile & refinishing



Curb appeal and backyard
for one family


New Fencing

Sponsor a new fence
for the property



New light fixtures
for one home


Any Project

Have an idea for a project?
Sponsor any amount


Monopoly board
Targeted transformation, direct action

The more properties we can acquire in close proximity, the more we can help our residents control their own neighborhood.

Your donations of time, money, materials and other resources directly contributes to reclaiming our blocks from generations of systemic inequities.

How many houses have we reclaimed?

Reclaim the Block house 1

House 1, 2021


Reclaim the Block, House 2

House 2, 2022

House 3

House 3, 2022


Derelict home emoji

House 4, 2022


Derelict home emoji

House 5, 2023

Derelict home emoji

House 6, 2023

Remodel in Progress

Derelict home emoji

House 7, 2023


Derelict home emoji

House 8, 2023

Remodel in Progress

Derelict home emoji

House 9, 2023

Remodel in Progress

Derelict home emoji

House 10, 2024

Remodel in Progress

Derelict home emoji

House 11, 2024


Derelict home emoji

House 12

Derelict home emoji

House 13

Derelict home emoji

House 14

Derelict home emoji

House 15

Derelict home emoji

House 16

Derelict home emoji

House 17

Derelict home emoji

House 18

Derelict home emoji

House 19

Derelict home emoji

House 20