Together we are stronger

We’d love to have you join us behind the scenes or right out front by lending your expertise. If time and expertise aren’t resources you have, we also accept a wide range of unused construction and landscaping supplies. We accept donations in any dollar amount using Network for Good for secure giving.

2024 Saturday Serve Days
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May 18

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Oct 05
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Ways to give

Volunteer, donate, sponsor

Saturday Serve Days

Whether your a general contractor or just like to haul dirt, all of our Saturday Serve Days are hands-on and rely on volunteer expertise. We’re always on the lookout for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, landscapers and more. If you have no experience, but are willing the learn, we’d love to have you! Give us a call and we’ll put you to work!

Recent needs

  • Concrete sidewalks and steps
  • Re-roofing garages
  • Building fences
  • Hanging doors

Office, administrative and promotional work

If you’re experienced at photography, social media, graphic design, accounting, legal counsel, fundraising or grant writing we would love to partner with you. Maybe you’d like to host an event for potential donors or connect us with your church or political network… let’s get creative together!

Recent needs

  • Instagram coverage
  • Website maintenance
  • Collateral design and printing
  • Corporate sponsorships

Sponsor a full-time neighbor

A goal of Bridge Builders is to have a lighthouse (home occupied by a full-time neighbor) on every block in its target area. Our full-time neighbors exist specifically to serve the needs of the residents living on the block. Sponsoring a neighbor from within your church is a great way to create real relationships on the block and provide long-term stability.

Full-time neighbor needs

  • Furniture
  • Lawn maintenance tools
  • Appliances
  • Kitchen supplies

Sponsor a lighthouse

Your church or organization can partner with us to acquire and renovate a property in our target area. It could be a great place for your church to plant roots in a neighborhood and serve the residents in conjunction with the hub house and full-time neighbors living on the block.

Lighthouse needs

  • Real estate agents
  • Housing legal experts
  • Unused construction supplies
  • Trees, flowers and landscaping supplies

Adopt a family

What would transformation look like if an entire church or organization shared their lives and resources with one family? The physical landscape of the family home can be transformed, the economic state; the cultural state; and even the spiritual state of the family through the relationship-centered care of a church or organization.

Family needs

  • School supplies
  • Cooking supplies
  • Winter clothing
  • Children’s toys and games

Donate unused construction supplies

Whether you’re a church, a business or an individual we’re always accepting donations of new construction supplies. Shingles for garage roofs, cement and tools are always needed. Contact us today to see what our biggest current needs are.

Supplies needed

  • Shingles
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Concrete and lumber
  • Siding
  • Tools

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